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How to Itemize Sales Tax

How to Itemize Sales Tax - If you're selling products in another state and have not properly accounted for sales tax, it could be time to visit your accountant. Your business is generating revenue from a second location or state—now what?

How to Itemize Sales Tax

If a part of your business inventory is stored or distributed outside the state of origin, or if you have employees working remotely in other states, you may have some additional accounting paperwork to file. Depending on the size of your operation.

How to Itemize Sales Tax

When filing federal income taxes, you can either take the standard deduction offered by the Internal Revenue Service or itemize your deductions.

One of the available itemized deductions is for state and local sales tax paid throughout the year. 

In order to make the most of your deductions, you must keep detailed records. You should know what type of deduction you’re claiming, as well as the amount.

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For example, if you donate a car to a charity and are claiming its value on your taxes, you must have a receipt from the charity. If you itemize your deductions,

Itemizing Sales Tax

The best way to itemize sales tax is to save all your receipts for the year. This will be easy to do and prove you paid the sales tax if you’re audited. You can simply add up all of the sales tax paid and enter this figure as a deduction on Form 1040 of your federal income tax return.

However, if you don’t save your receipts for an entire year, it is still possible to itemize sales tax. The Internal Revenue Service makes it easy for you to calculate your sales tax based on your income level. 

They offer a free online calculator to estimate the sales tax that you owe based on where in the country you live and your income level.


For example, if you purchase an item for $100.00 and the tax on that item is 8%, then you would multiply $100 by .08 to determine that your total sales tax due is $8.00. The same concept applies when it comes to itemizing sales taxes in your business accounting software.