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Dangers When Riding: Motorcycle Defects, Accidents, and Injuries

Millions of people across the country own motorcycles. According to reports, it is one of the most popular activities in life for many people. Taking care to ensure their safety, bike riders take many precautions when out on the road.

Dangers When Riding: Motorcycle Defects, Accidents, and Injuries

Dangers When Riding

The main problem is motorcycle defects, flaws and shortcomings in the design or production of bikes. These flaws can result in serious accidents that may cause severe injuries or even death. 

Before purchasing a new bike, you should be aware of the possible dangers associated with defective design and production of motorcycles.

Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Design or Manufacturing Defects

Motorcycle brakes are manufactured with a specific amount of metal, and when that metal is worn down and the brake pads are too thin, the metal will touch the rotor, causing your brake to fail. Brakes can also malfunction due to debris caught between the pad and rotor or by a faulty master cylinder.

When motorcycle accidents are caused by faulty brakes, multiple parties may be at fault. The bike manufacturer is a prime example of an entity that can be responsible for faulty brakes. 

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However, the brake manufacturer and even a mechanic or service center that worked on a bike’s brake may also be responsible for a malfunction that results in an accident.

Injury arising from a motorcycle accident can be caused by defective fuel systems. Issues with a fuel system that causes or aggravates an accident result from flaws in the fuel system.

A common scenario involves a bike accident that would have been more minor with a properly designed fuel system. As a result of a fuel system design defect, the bike bursts into flame at the time of a collision. The end result is truly catastrophic injuries, including permanent disfigurement and permanent disability.

Every year, motorcycle accidents are caused by a basic design flaw in some motorcycles. This means that some motorcycles have a design flaw that is so significant that it creates an inherent danger in the bikes. 

In such a situation, all of the parties responsible for the motorcycle’s design, the manufacturer, and any retail stores that sold the bike may be considered responsible for any

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is due to defective tires. A tire failure can cause a rider to lose control of a bike, resulting in what potentially can be a catastrophic crash. Accidents arising from tire-related issues can be the result of a design defect associated with the tire.

Serious accidents can also arise from an inappropriate tire being placed on a particular bike. For example, a tire designed for a smaller bike placed on a larger motorcycle can lead to dire consequences. 

Different parties may be held liable for such an accident and injuries arising from this type of situation. These include the tire builder, bike manufacturer, retail sales outlet, or even a service

Not related directly to a bike itself, defective helmets are the underlying cause of more serious injuries sustained when some type of motorcycle accident or collision occurs. 

Time and again, a rider sustains serious head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, because of a defective helmet. Had a helmet been properly designed or manufactured, a rider would not sustain such serious injuries. 


When you are riding a motorcycle, there are many dangers that can lead to accidents or injuries. It is important to understand these dangers and how they affect the risk of riding a motorcycle. 

In addition, you should know what legal rights you have when it comes to defective motorcycles, accidents, and injuries. You can learn more about your legal options by visiting our website today!

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